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NO! i have not dies nor have i forgotten about all of you LOVELY people!!

Our submission issues have been fixed. all of our joining issues have been fixed. SO! you can run along now and write, draw... ANYTHING ELSE! now get CRACKING!

We've had some problems with the submitting of artwork so bear with us and we'll fix it. Just send a message if you cant get in.
Hi!!!! erm...... were gunna have a competition soon and we need some suggestions...... AND make sure you submit to the RIGHT FOLDER!!!
:iconcastielplz::icondeanwinchesterplz: WE ARE DA! :iconcastielplz::icondeanwinchesterplz:

So, I was having a convo with :iconkim777777: and this idea came to me. Destiel-Army!!! So i immediately made this group! We are dedicated to Destiel art, fics, poems, what ever the hell you can come up with!!

Um... go make those Destiel THINGS!!! I will give you :tighthug:!!

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